2013 Goofy Race and Half Challenge

Yes, I know.   I’m kinda lame for not writing anything in the last, oh I don’t know, few months.   I mentioned my upcoming races a few posts ago, but never really update on how I did, or if I actually did it.   I had to skip Vancouver Half Marathon race due to some family emergency, but the truth of the matter is, I was somewhat glad that I didn’t go as I was not prepared at all for that race.   Double lame, I know.

Well, lame no more.   I finally get out from the rut that I am in and getting myself ready for my next adventure.   Something that I always thought crazy and would never do that in my wildest dream (that’s what I said about full marathon) but I’m going to give it a try anyway.

I’m going to do Disneyworld Goofy Race and a Half Challenge, which is a Half Marathon on Saturday Jan 12, 2013, follow by Full Marathon on Sunday, Jan 13, 2013

Yes, you read that right.  A half marathon, follow by a full marathon the next day.

Why?  Same reason I climbed Mt. Rainier or finished Full Marathon.   Because I can.   Because a year and a half ago, I would never dream that I have the ability or a chance to accomplish all this wonderful things.  Because a year and a half ago, I was too busy trying to be healthy again.

My goal for this race is simply to finish, upright and smiling and not be the last one cross the finish line if I can help it.   It would help if I don’t injure myself during the training, or not having sprained ankle during the race.

My official training will start on July 3, 2012.   I will be following Jeff Galloway 28-Weeks program for Goofy Race and a Half Challenge and I know that I will have a bad day, have-no-motivation day, or just i-want-to-quit-training-because-this-is-crazy day.    However, I am putting this out there for accountability and request for support from my tweeps, my SQL Family and any other runner out there.   I’ll be blogging my training every week, tweet and Facebook my whiny update.    I’m relying to my social network to help me get through this and I have an awesome circle of friends that will talk-smack me or nagging me relentlessly if I purposely skip my run (Hai Erin and Jes, yes – I’m talking about you)

This week – I’m just trying to get my baseline back.   Turn out after a couple months of no run at all, you get so stiff after a couple days of short run.   I know I will get there again.   Slowly.  I also have got to learn to be patience.    Ha.  Go on, laugh.   Let me just say that patience is not my strong suit.

Oh, I also registered myself to Disneyland Half Marathon in September 2, 2012 with Brent Ozar and Kendra Little as part of the training.  Not because it’s required, but because it’s fun and I get to do this with my awesome friends.   Brent blogged about it here.

There it is.  It’s out on the interwebs.   I am committed.

Let’s do this.