SQL Family in Action

ER Nurse:  “Who are those people on your laptop?   They are on video”
Me: “They are my family.  My SQL Family”

Earlier today, I fainted, tripped on the stairs, fell and sprained my ankle.   Being 10 days away from my marathon, I didn’t want to take any chance and want the ankle to get looked at (on top of the excruciating pain I experienced), so off to the ER we went.     We got there around 9:30am and pretty much in the exam room within 5 minutes, had 3 nurses around me.

Long story short, they wanted to make sure everything is in the up and up so on top of the foot xray, they ordered EKG and put a line on my arm so they can take blood and IV (if I needed one).   That really put me in a grouchy mood.   I have a race in 10 days and I was worry.   I need some company.   So I open my laptop and started Google Hangout and tweeted to others to join me and keep me company (Yes, I brought laptop to the ER, along with my iPad and my phone.  They have fabulous Wifi there, btw )

Before long, I have Karen Lopez (b|t), Rob Drysdale (b|t), Erin Stellato {b|t), Tamera Clark (b|t)  on the hangout!  We were all talking and laughing until the ER doctor came back with my xray result.   She started to show me the imaging and told me the medical term on what was going on, and pointed on the imaging on the same shaddy area that I have no idea what it was — that I fractured my ankle.   I got really quiet.   I was almost afraid to ask about the race, as I don’t really want to know the answer — but she went ahead and said it.   That the race is out of the question.   I started to feel my body shaken up, and my tear fell on my cheeks.   She went on and on about the detail, but I pretty much stop caring or even listen to her.   I broke down in tears.   Everybody got quiet.   I cried more.

When the doctor left the room, I looked at my laptop and I saw a handful concern faces.   I felt a huge comfort from this group of people almost immediately.   Then I realized that Tom LaRock (b|t) had joined the hangout while I was talking to the doctor.  He probably wondered what kind of hangout he entered, as I was on the hospital gown and probably cried my heart out!   I usually looked waaaay prettier on the hangout, Tom!  Thank you taking the time from your day for that!   We all chatted for a while, some of them even consult with Dr. Google as they heard the ER doctor talked to me (love technology!).

Allright – you probably ask what is so special about the whole thing right about now.

I’m telling you what.   These group of people – they are my professional peer.   They are not the friends I grew up, or my blood family.  We know each other because we have the same passion about the same technology and in this community, the SQL community, we took it to the next level.   We are not just ‘peer’.   We are family.   We helped each other in so many ways.   Today, a handful member of this community were there for me when I was told that I might not be able to run the marathon that I’ve been training for 4 months.   They were there when I broke down in tears, devastated and angry.    Yes, they were virtually there via my laptop – but they were there with me.   They took the time from their busy day, on this h0liday season to login to Google Hangout and be with me.

Now, THAT is what so special about it.

Since then, I’ve gotten many tweets, facebook message, emails, and texts from many of them, filled with encouraging message and prayer.   It really made my day.   I might not be able to run THIS race, but I have so many people that believe in me that I will get my 26.2 medal somehow.   If it’s not THIS race, it will be another one very soon.   Suddenly, things are not so sucks anymore.   It still is, but somehow, I managed to smiled, laughed and giggled.

Thank you.   For being there for me.   For being such an awesome bunch.


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  1. Tom says:

    …and thank you, Yanni, for being an inspiration to every one of us out here who couldn’t be there with you and for you.

    Take care. There will be other races.


  2. Rob Farley says:

    Sorry I couldn’t be there, Yanni. The time zone thing is lousy.

    • Yanni Robel says:

      I was going to invite you to the hangout, but I didn’t as I knew it was a wee hours at your time. If I did, I knew you would be there as you did the last time around.


  3. Chris Shaw says:

    Great post.

  4. Mike D says:

    I’m new to this sqlfamily thing and sort of haning out on the edges, but when I read this yesterday I almost cried for you. Just remember that you already did the hard part of the marathon (training) so the next time should be easier.

  5. Rob Drysdale says:

    Great post Yanni. I laughed and cried at the same time. Sorry about the bad news, but there will be other races. The key is to make sure you do everything to get better and then “give ’em Hell” when you’re ready.

  6. Hi Yanni,

    I’m praying that you will heal up fast, so you can get back to running! So sorry this bad thing happened to you.

  7. Stacia Misner says:


    You are an inspirational to us all. We’re all rooting for a rapid recovery and great things to come!

  8. Tim Radney says:

    Awesome post Yanni. You are such an inspiration to all of us.


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