I’ve moved!

I've moved!

I've moved!

After attending Brent Ozar (Blog|Twitter) Free-Conference session’s at Chicago about branding, blogging and presenting, I decided to change the look of my blog and move my domain to  http://yannirobel.com.   Some of you probably already thought that’s what my blog URL was, but it wasn’t,  It used to be http://sqlscribbles.com which will be up for a while for all the archive that were link to it but no new content will be added there.

I’ve made a commitment to write more, to *gulp* submit abstract this year to present and to give back more to this wonderful community that like an extension to a family to me.  I met wonderful, intelligent people that some of them are become a really good friend for life through this community.

So if you are one of the odd one out there who I am lucky enough to get the feed out of my blog via RSS or actually bookmark the link of my blog, please do change it to my new URL.

Here’s to a new beginning!


Switching to WordPress

I’m switching to wordpress and it’ll take a couple days for my domain to point to the right hosting place, so please be patience with me.

What made me switch, you may ask. Well, let see. I found out today that I can’t just copy-and-paste the content from my word documents to this interface! That is incredibly annoying, especially have pages of stuff that I write today for setting up my server farm within my desktop.

I refuse to re-type because not only that a huge waste of time, mostly because it just irked the heck out of me so I have stuff over on my other hosting already and will have the domain switch in the jiffy and I should be able to copy-and-paste the stuff I write on word to it.

Stay tuned. (Again)


Rock Star DBA

Brent Ozar aka BrentO on twitter, gave me a push on something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I want to be a rock star DBA. His today post on his blog really inspire me to get my lazy you-know-what and start writing and be ‘in-the-know’. I tried a few times, but I never really follow through. I keep hiding behind ‘I’m busy and I have a kids’ excuse. Well – no more of that. I’m going to start to write at least once a week and start from there. It might be just some cheesy-lame-o experience I had at work related with things that I am doing with SQL Server or it might be something really cool that I discovered. We’ll see.

On the right column – those are the people that I admire (I’ll add more later), follow their blog and twitter. Those are THE rock star DBA. I hope one day I will be like them and have other DBA professional in the community look up to me.

Today is the day.