Won’t Fix Bug

If you are installing CU9 on Clustered SQL2005-SP3 environment and your security is set as mixed authentication – beware about this behavior.   The install change your authentication to windows only.

You need to go back and change it manually after the CU install successfully.

I can’t find any reference to this issue anywhere until I post this question at #sqlhelp on twitter and Kendra Little blog | twitter responded to me and said that she experienced the same thing and point me to the this page (you might need to login using your windows live id).  This is a bug # 450316.

So apparently this is a known bug that was reported with CU4.   What interesting with this, Microsoft reported that this is a registry issue with SP3 installation and it should be a self-correcting issue so they close this bug with a note ‘Won’t Fix’

Well – I just did CU9 on my SQL2005Entx64-SP3 and the issue still out there and I dont think this is ‘self-correcting’.   Anybody out there experience the same?

I don’t know if SQL2008 SP1 have similar behavior with their CU, but I will see if I can test it on my sandbox.   Just for a note tho – this ONLY happened on a clustered instance (or at least for me)


Switching to WordPress

I’m switching to wordpress and it’ll take a couple days for my domain to point to the right hosting place, so please be patience with me.

What made me switch, you may ask. Well, let see. I found out today that I can’t just copy-and-paste the content from my word documents to this interface! That is incredibly annoying, especially have pages of stuff that I write today for setting up my server farm within my desktop.

I refuse to re-type because not only that a huge waste of time, mostly because it just irked the heck out of me so I have stuff over on my other hosting already and will have the domain switch in the jiffy and I should be able to copy-and-paste the stuff I write on word to it.

Stay tuned. (Again)


SQL Cruise

Wow. You never thought to see those two words together, eh? SQL and Cruise. Well, times changes and who said technical training need to be in a boring place. I just registered myself to attend SQL Cruise!

That’s right. 4-days Western Caribbean Cruise on board Carnival Imagination vessel and have in-depth training within the small group from the awesome SQL guru like Brent Ozar and Tim Ford. Whoever think of the idea is pretty genius. Come on. Boat drink? Small group of SQL Enthusiast? Warm weather and beachy sand? Yes I know. I sound a way too nerdy, but I’m not the only one think it’s awesome. I think a bunch of us DBA think it’s awesome and wish they can be partake on this event and for those who thinks that your work won’t buy in to this, my advise – ASK away. You never know. I know I did and even though I can’t expense the cruise (yes – I tried), I got away with no PTO during this event and registration fee.

So what is it that I’m hoping to gain from this event, you might ask…

Well, other than the obvious – which is more ammo to do my job as a DBA at this very cool food recipe site company, I want to build a networking. I have my own circle of my fellow-dba that I bounce idea back and forth but I want to expand it. There are a bunch of briliants mind out there and they all extend their hand to help out pion like me. Being on the event like this, as well as the previous event that I attended and my incoming event on Fall allow me to enrich my knowledge as well as get to know this awesome SQL guru and meet them in person.

Yes, I know not every company generous enough like mine and allow us the workers to attend cool conferences with paid expenses, but there’s other avenues to be involved in the community. SQLSaturday event for example. 24 Hours PASS and I know company like Quest did a lot of free webcast so there’s absolutely NO reason for anybody not to have the opportunity.

Also – never shy to ask. You never know. If you have a problem on crafting an email on how to convince your manager and the benefit to attend certain event, always ask question around. Tweet your question to #sqlhelp. Go to Brent’s blog and dig out some post about that (I know he have it somewhere there) and I know most event have the section of ‘How to justify the ROI’ for the prospective attendee to use. In one short line – be proactive. Dont’ just sit and wait to be offered to go to a cool conferences and event. Go after them