Recap and Goals

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Yes.  I’m fully aware is January 6.   I’m about 6 days late on this, but hey — I’m still recovering from cold/ear infection/flu things that I’ve been having since a month ago.   So. Annoying. A lot of things happen in 2013 but I’m going to steal Tom LaRock’s style and did something different.  Instead of listing my accomplishment or things that I did (because I already did that on my Facebook wall.  What?  You’re not my Facebook friends?  Well, too bad!), I’m going to list things that...

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2013 Seattle Marathon – Recap

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Yes.  I just completed another marathon.   2013 Seattle Marathon was my FIFTH marathon since I started to run a little over 2 years ago.    What a journey and I am patting myself in the back as I’m writing this post for such an accomplishment.   No, I didn’t break my personal record or even have spectacular time, but this race, in particular, very special to me. I spent a whole month of October trying to battle my health challenge.   Needless to stay, it was quite a month and it was a major set back in my fitness.    For those who...

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2013 Nike Women Half San Francisco – Race Recap

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Two weeks after Portland Marathon, I was standing at another starting line for yet another half-marathon race.   This race is part of Team in Training Fall team and I am so happy that I can be part of it even with some health challenges that I’m going through.    I got the doctor’s okay by Thursday, the same time that I also came down with a full blown cold.   The kind that gave you an earache, sneeze-fest, congested nose and a sinus headache.   Lovely, I thought. The husband and I hopped on the airplane anyway on Saturday morning...

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2013 Portland Marathon – Recap

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A little over two years ago, certain friends of mine talked and dared me into registering to Portland Half Marathon.   I thought that was a crazy talk but I did it anyway.  I joined Team in Training for the first time as a Flex Team participant and trained myself to my first ever sanctioned endurance event.  13.1 miles of crazy.   I finished, and I was hooked.    Fast forward to today, 7 half-marathons and 4 marathons later, my love and passion about running is stronger than ever.   I love the races, I love the medals, I love the ups and...

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Dumbo Double Dare – There are more than a medals and PR

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What in the world is Dumbo Double Dare, you might ask… It’s a mini Goofy.  Ha. Remember back in January when I did the Goofy Challenge?   Well Dumbo Double Dare is a similar challenge, but it’s a wee bit shorter distance.  10K and Half Marathon (13.1M), back to back in one weekend at Disneyland. This was my fourth 10k and my seventh half-marathon since I started my running journey a little over 2 years ago, but this time I had a different goal.   No, not that I want to finish in a certain time or break any records.   My goal...

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Two years!

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On July 30, 2011 — I went out and attempted to do my very first run ever. After being constantly nagged by two of my friends, Karen and Erin to register for Portland Half Marathon, I finally pulled the trigger and register myself. After all, I just finished Mt. Rainier climb and felt fairly fit, so this whole running thing shouldn’t be that hard. Boy, was I wrong. I went out for a run on this very day, two years ago, and found myself in so many aches and pain after about 10 minutes. I walked, hobbled, walked some more, jogged,...

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Swim, Bike, Run

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No, I do NOT have any triathlon race on the horizon. Many of you were asking me if I’m training for any triathlon since I decided to be a triathlete, and witness my whining about the early morning swim and my bike ride adventure because who woke up at 5:30am and be in the pool at 6am if you are not training for a race, right?   Apparently, this girl does. I purposely do not want to register to any tri race this year, not because I have a second thought of being a triathlete, but because I really am trying to build a good baseline for my...

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I have decided to be a Triathlete

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Okay.  I am making it really public here as I’m writing it on my blog.   I have said that on my Facebook wall last month, but that’s limited to my Facebook friends, not to the whole world (not like the whole world are reading my blog, but you get what I’m saying).    So here goes: I HAVE DECIDED TO BE A TRIATHLETE I’m still figuring things out, about the sport itself, learning how to swim (dog paddling doesn’t go well on the race), getting my (first ever) bike, learning the gear on the bike (switching gear on the...

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