I have decided to be a Triathlete

Okay.  I am making it really public here as I’m writing it on my blog.   I have said that on my Facebook wall last month, but that’s limited to my Facebook friends, not to the whole world (not like the whole world are reading my blog, but you get what I’m saying).    So here goes:


Yes.  This is for real

Yes. This is for real

I’m still figuring things out, about the sport itself, learning how to swim (dog paddling doesn’t go well on the race), getting my (first ever) bike, learning the gear on the bike (switching gear on the middle of the hill to the wrong gear = miserable hill ride), and re-learn how to run efficiently.   No, I don’t have any Triathlon schedule in the near future, as I really just want to build the baseline, but stay tuned for more update as I’m embarking this new crazy adventure.

I’ll post some update on what I’ve been up to, training wise, very soon.   I’ll be needing a continuous support, nudge, kick on the bum to get me out of the door and do my training from all of you, so stay tuned.

Much love.


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