Longest Run Practice

Last weekend was the longest run practice for San Diego Rock & Roll runners on our team.   Our schedule called for 270 minutes.  For those who can’t convert fast enough, I’ll make it easier to you.  It’s FOUR HOURS and HALF.   On your feet.  Moving.

I ran longer than that before, distance and time.   However, I still had butterfly in my stomach before my (very) long run.  Am I going to make it?  Can I run that long?  How my body is going to do?  Am I going to have ‘bathroom’ problem?  Is there a bathroom in the trail?

Yeah, I drove myself crazy sometimes with those thought but I always thought it’s good for me to still questions those.  It keep me grounded and humbled and respect the distance (time).   To be able to do this is a privilege.   I don’t take it for granted.   I cherish the moment and the ability for me to do this.

Weekday Run

Glowing Mountain in my neighborhood

Glowing Mountain in my neighborhood

My weekday scheduled called for 60 minutes on Tues, 40 mins on Wed and 60 minutes on Thursday.    I ran in the morning on Tuesday before work and I actually enjoyed that a lot.   The 50 degrees, blue sky and sunshine morning might have a lot of things to do with it.  I ran at my favorite trail at Snoqualmie with my puppy, 30 mins west and back.   I rocked the run and recorded the fastest 5 miles I ran in a very, very long time

For Wednesday — I went  out in the afternoon after work.   I didn’t feel like going to the trail, so I ran around the neighborhood instead.   It was glorious afternoon, as the sun made the mountain glow.  It’s a wee bit warm for my taste, but there was a lot of breeze.   I did a nice slow 5k and enjoy every moment of it.

Thursday – I skipped my run.  I walked instead for an hour around my office.   And no, not because I can’t run.  It’s because — well, I just did my hair and didn’t feel like my pretty-all-stylish-ready-to-go-out hair would get sweat all over it if I run.   Coaches — I’m sure you understand, yes?   Girl have priority here.

Weekend Run

Me - Ice Bathing at Lake Washington

Me – Ice Bathing at Lake Washington

I woke up around 6am and felt really tired.   No, not because I didn’t get enough sleep.   It’s the side effect from the treatment that I’m going through.   I felt my head throbbed.   Durnnit, I said.    I was about to move my backside for 270 minutes and this just ruined it.   This new treatment of mine, as good as a result that I have it now, could really made my day turn from cool to awful within minutes.  Everyday is like a box of chocolate, you never know what kind that you are going to get.   A good day?  A so-so day?  Or awful day?

I moved very slowly, put on my running clothes that I put out the night before and get ready.   I took a couple advil and ate my pre-run breakfast (toasted english muffin + peanut butter + honey + banana) and headed out.   We got to the trail just in time for the team to gather and listened to the coaches.   Our run that day was limited to 20 miles, or 270 minutes.   Whichever comes first.    It’s a bow-tie route at Burke-Gilman Trail.   We started at Matthew Beach and head south towards University of Washington for a quarter of our time/distance, turn around and back to the start and head north to do the same.    First 10 miles actually went really fast.   I did a quick stop for bathroom at Silver Cloud hotel (yes, they let us use their restroom).   It was getting really warm and I was so happy that I had a chance to splash cold water in my face.

The second half of the run started to get a little difficult.   Not because my feet are sore or it’s hot, but my head just hurts and I’m getting fatigued.  Fast.  My body was reacting to the medicine that I took differently that day.  I slowed down my pace and grind through it.   One of my coach ran with me for the last 6 miles and boy, I was thankful for him.   It kept me focus and moving forward.   Around mile 18, I started to wheeze.   Durnit, I said.  Not again.   My asthma been acting up a lot lately,  like I need yet another medical condition to deal with.   I shorten out my run/walk ratio down to 2-1 from 5-1 and even skipped the run part a few times, which seems to help.

Four hours and a half later, I clocked in 20.29 miles.   Not my best run, but considering all the things that I had to deal with since the morning, I think I deserve a pat in the back.   Having my teammate cheered me at the end, high-fived and hugged made me teary eyes.   THIS, this is what it’s all about.   I love my team, my fellow runners.   We are connected with the same cause and the same passion.

Shortly after the run, I plunged myself at Lake Washington.   Submerged my body from hip down to a very, very cold lake water.   It felt SO cold but I know my muscles would thank me later


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