SQL Family in Action

ER Nurse:  “Who are those people on your laptop?   They are on video”
Me: “They are my family.  My SQL Family”

Earlier today, I fainted, tripped on the stairs, fell and sprained my ankle.   Being 10 days away from my marathon, I didn’t want to take any chance and want the ankle to get looked at (on top of the excruciating pain I experienced), so off to the ER we went.     We got there around 9:30am and pretty much in the exam room within 5 minutes, had 3 nurses around me.

Long story short, they wanted to make sure everything is in the up and up so on top of the foot xray, they ordered EKG and put a line on my arm so they can take blood and IV (if I needed one).   That really put me in a grouchy mood.   I have a race in 10 days and I was worry.   I need some company.   So I open my laptop and started Google Hangout and tweeted to others to join me and keep me company (Yes, I brought laptop to the ER, along with my iPad and my phone.  They have fabulous Wifi there, btw )

Before long, I have Karen Lopez (b|t), Rob Drysdale (b|t), Erin Stellato {b|t), Tamera Clark (b|t)  on the hangout!  We were all talking and laughing until the ER doctor came back with my xray result.   She started to show me the imaging and told me the medical term on what was going on, and pointed on the imaging on the same shaddy area that I have no idea what it was — that I fractured my ankle.   I got really quiet.   I was almost afraid to ask about the race, as I don’t really want to know the answer — but she went ahead and said it.   That the race is out of the question.   I started to feel my body shaken up, and my tear fell on my cheeks.   She went on and on about the detail, but I pretty much stop caring or even listen to her.   I broke down in tears.   Everybody got quiet.   I cried more.

When the doctor left the room, I looked at my laptop and I saw a handful concern faces.   I felt a huge comfort from this group of people almost immediately.   Then I realized that Tom LaRock (b|t) had joined the hangout while I was talking to the doctor.  He probably wondered what kind of hangout he entered, as I was on the hospital gown and probably cried my heart out!   I usually looked waaaay prettier on the hangout, Tom!  Thank you taking the time from your day for that!   We all chatted for a while, some of them even consult with Dr. Google as they heard the ER doctor talked to me (love technology!).

Allright – you probably ask what is so special about the whole thing right about now.

I’m telling you what.   These group of people – they are my professional peer.   They are not the friends I grew up, or my blood family.  We know each other because we have the same passion about the same technology and in this community, the SQL community, we took it to the next level.   We are not just ‘peer’.   We are family.   We helped each other in so many ways.   Today, a handful member of this community were there for me when I was told that I might not be able to run the marathon that I’ve been training for 4 months.   They were there when I broke down in tears, devastated and angry.    Yes, they were virtually there via my laptop – but they were there with me.   They took the time from their busy day, on this h0liday season to login to Google Hangout and be with me.

Now, THAT is what so special about it.

Since then, I’ve gotten many tweets, facebook message, emails, and texts from many of them, filled with encouraging message and prayer.   It really made my day.   I might not be able to run THIS race, but I have so many people that believe in me that I will get my 26.2 medal somehow.   If it’s not THIS race, it will be another one very soon.   Suddenly, things are not so sucks anymore.   It still is, but somehow, I managed to smiled, laughed and giggled.

Thank you.   For being there for me.   For being such an awesome bunch.


Week 20 & 21: Illness and Longest Run

Well, it looks like every other week update is working with me.   I know I have committed to write my training update weekly, but lately that is very hard to do.   So there.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking with it.

This past two weeks have been very challenging for me.  I got sick.   Really, really sick.   I’m talking the kind that leave you with absolutely no energy.   I had constant fever, nausea and do not even get me started with a headache.   It was awful.   I didn’t go to work for a week as well, and all I did was sleeping.   I managed to sneak 3 run in the past 2 weeks, in addition to my very long run.   A few of three miler jog, just to get moving.  I was dizzy and almost fainted the first time around!

I was worry and anxious.  My race is 3 weeks away and I took a week of running.   I worried that it will ruining my training.  I worried that my strength will get affected by it.   I worried.  A lot.

Then Saturday came around.   It was my longest training run.  A whole 22 miles.

I still look hawt in miles 16

I woke up antsy.  It was a cold 32 degrees foggy morning.   I could have gone earlier, but I decided to enjoy my morning and run a bit later.   I had my usual pre-long run breakfast.   Toasted english muffin with peanut butter, drizzle of honey and slice of banana.   Around 10:30am – I finally got up and get ready.   I wore my long tights and my running jacket on top of my base layer.

We got to the trail around noon’ish, and I told the husband that I want to run slightly different route.    I want to run in a manageable route in my head.   See — I know long run is more than just physical.  It’s a lot of mental too, so I broke down this route to six-3 miler run, plus 4 miles.   From where we park the car, I ran east and back (which is total 6 miles) and did that three times.   Then I ran the 2 more miles east and back, which made it total 22 miles.    I have to say, that trick work.   It got kinda boring since it’s the same stretch of trail, but this by far, was my best run.   I felt strong the entire time and I only have to focus on getting me back to the car, which is about 6 miles round trip.   The only caveat on this plan was I completely underestimate how dark this trail get when the sun down.   I usually ran the opposite route which have more open area, so even though there were no more sun, the trail got some lights from street/residential.    Thanks to the flashlight app on the iPhone — my husband mounted the iPhone on his bike and I ran the last 2 miles stretch with the light from it.   It was… different.   I am not a big fans in walking/hiking, let alone running in darkness so my mental focus was all over the place for the last couple miles.   I was running even faster as I just want to be done.   When I finally reached the car, I realized for the first time that I can really do this marathon thing.   I know I can complete 26.2 miles and I have to tell you, that’s an awesome feeling to have.

Thank you Karen Lopez (t) for introducing me to running.   Thank you Erin Stellato (t) and Jes Borland (t) for inspire me even more.


My 'I just ran 22 miles' face

As usual, I have a whole group of people in twitter that constantly cheered me on during my run.   You know who you are.   Thank YOU very, very much for being there for me and supporting me the whole way.   I love you all.


I didn’t do much in the last two weeks on this front as well.   I have one last email update to send and hopefully, that will generate some donation.    Please visit my fundraising page at http://tinyurl.com/RobelMarathon for more information


Week 18 & 19: Another High Mileage

I’m continue to slack off with my training recap.   I am combining two weeks in one post.  Again.  Life got in a way.   I got sick, I was injured, my kids got sick, the busiest time in the year at work.  You know, those kind of things.   I’m still training.  I’m still loving it.   Even though I’m not big on running on a cold day.   I’m such a big pantsy when it comes to cold weather.   Yes, I know.   I’m a mountaineer who don’t like to run in a cold weather.   I haven’t master the layering technique yet.  If I’m out in the mountain, I know what to wear to face the weather that could change from one extreme to another.   I’ve been climbing the mountain and hiking for over a decade.   Running is a new thing for me.    I have to re-learn things and this whole new experience humble me.

Week 18:  Recovery Week

After my 20-miler, I injured my IT Band (again).   I could barely bend my left knee and both of my shins hurts.    On Monday – I tried to do 3 miles on the treadmill and that was not a pleasant run.   I saw my Physical Therapy on Tuesday and she ordered me to take a a couple days break from running, and did a lot of stretching, icing and foam rolling.   So I did.   I did my mileage on Elliptical machine instead.    On Sunday, I ran 6 miles with my best friend, Mindy on my favorite trail.    It was, an okay run, to say the least.   My knee felt so-so and my shins hurts but I pushed through it and finish the 6 miles.

Week 19:  18-Miler

I did 3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday.   Nothing to ride home about.   It was cold out so I went to the gym and settle on Treadmill.   My knee seems to be okay and my shins doesn’t bother me, so overall, it was a good run.   In between, I also did a little strength training.   When I said a little – it’s very little.   A few here and there at home.   I really, really need to get better on this.   I know that my hips could use some strengthening and I need to do more lower body work out as it will help my run tremendously.   I’ll try to do better in the coming week.    I miss my trainer.  Sigh.   I’m struggling to find the time on my schedule to come and work out with him so I’m doing it at home the best I could.

My long run this week is 18 miles.   A lot of my friends said, you’ve done that before.  You got this.  Yes, yes, those are all true but 18 miles still 18 long miles.    It was 30 degrees morning.   The ground was covered with frost and just looking out from my bedroom window, it looked really cold out.   I woke up around 6:30 am and didn’t feel like moving.    I’m not a morning person (surprise!) to begin with and I don’t dig cold weather.  So it took a lot of will power to finally move from my comfy bed and put on my running clothes.   I wore my base layer, and my running hoodies plus my long tights, headband and gloves.    I figured if I overheated half way through, I just shed my layer.

Me on Snoqualmie Valley Trail

I got to the trail at 11:30am and started to run.   I was shivering, even with my layers but I figured that I will be warm soon.   It took me almost a couple miles before I can really get comfortable with my running, weather and everything.   It was wet trail, and kinda slippery so I ran pretty slow and really took my time.

The trail was beautiful.  Some of the area covered with fog with a backdrop of fall color leaves.  It was eerie, yet beautiful.   I started from Fall City and ran east towards Snoqualmie and back (6 miles) and ran west towards Carnation and back (12 miles).   First six miles went by fairly quick.   I felt great, but started to notice my left knee hurt a bit so I decided to run smart.   I stopped and stretched quite a bit throughout the run.    I found that easier on my knee and I still get my mileage in.   I really don’t want to get injured anymore than I already have, 5 weeks before my race.

Oh as usual, I have the luxury of tweet-cheer from all my friends.   You know who you are.   Your support, your tweet, your facebook messages was read to me my RunMeter app and kept me company and entertained the entire 18 miles.   It was awesome.   I am so fortunate to have so many supportive friends!

To end this week in a good note, I went for 3 miles jog on the treadmill on Sunday.    It was hard to walk, let alone run the first mile, then it got easier on the second mile, and I ran normally on the third mile.    It was much needed recovery run.   Thank you Allen White (t) and Tom LaRock (t) for recommended me to do this after my super-long run.


I have a lot to report.   I sent out my fundraising email update and raised  $885.   Big shout out to SQL Sentry and Idera Software who were generously donated to my fundraising!!    They are not only awesome to the community, they are supporting the community member and supporting my effort.    I also want to thank Brent Ozar (t) for mentioning me on his blog and helping me spread the word.   And to Jes Borland (t), who not only donated and supported me, but also spread the word about my fundraising.   Every little help matter.   Every dollar matter.    If you want to know more about why I’m running, visit my fundraising page at http://tinyurl.com/RobelMarathon.