My Name is Yanni. I’m a Runner.

I’m still in an awe.  I ran THREE HUNDRED TEN miles on 2011.   That’s a lot of miles, considered I started to run on August 2, 2011.   I did 55 runs with total 310 Miles.   Absolutely awesome.   If you told me a year ago, that I would run this much or even run at all, I would laugh and probably said that you crazy.   I always said before, I’m a mountaineer.  A hiker.  I’m NOT a runner and running is not my thing.   Well, look at me today.   I ran over 300 miles last year and about to take on the full marathon and I can say it without any hesitation now that I *am* a runner.

My 2011 Stats

Looking back on all of those runs, reading on each note that I put after each of those runs – it brought me to the moment of each run.  The good run, and the bad run.   I had many challenges, and some of it, almost made me give up the whole thing but I didn’t.   I kept on running.  The support from my friends are unbelievable.   There were days that I absolutely didn’t feel like being out there and run, but I did it anyway mostly because I really couldn’t come up with any excuse for skipping them.    Public accountability, there’s nothing better than that for motivation to run.    Cold 30 degrees morning, 5 hours out on the trail with a constant cheer-tweets.   I am very blessed.   I’m surrounded by awesome people.

In my previous post, I talked about my injury.    Let me give you an update on that.    I saw a foot/ankle specialist the day after the incident.   He took one look at the xray, and looked at me, smiled, and said – this is not a fractured.   You have a sprained.   I almost fell off the chair.    WHAT DID YOU MEAN I HAVE NO FRACTURE??     He explained to me in a very simple analogy.   The duct tape analogy.   If you pulled a duct tape off the wall, and it pull a paint off it, that doesn’t mean the wall is broken.   When I twisted my ankle, my tendon pulled 0.03mm of the end of the bone.   I have no structural damaged.   I have a sprained ankle.   Does this mean the race is no longer out of the question?  Not necessary.   The hope just a wee bit bigger.    I had cheesiest cheek-to-cheek smile as the doctor leave the exam room, look at my husband in the eye and said, I’m SO going to do this race.

Thank you for many-many prayer regarding to this.   With the grace of God, a little miracle, my diagnosis changed.   And hopefully, I can have this ankle heal in time and actually do AND finish the race.   Keep that prayer coming!

The next day – I saw my Physical Therapist.   She worked on my ankle right away, did her thing to the muscle around it and gave me tons of homework.   Because of the injury, I have to retrain my nerve around it.   My balance is out of whack and it’s very important that I did a lot of balance routines.  And strength training.   I can’t run until the race day, but got an okay to do different cardiovascular activity like elliptical or stationary bike.   My hope just get bigger.

Today is Sunday, exactly 7 days before my race.    I’m optimistic.    I spent yesterday and today worked on my balance routines (four times a day) and strength training.   I did even a four set of  lunges today (Jes – that’s for you!).   Tomorrow, I have a date with my personal trainer for an hour of torture strength training session, designed just for me.   I had SO much help, and I’m so grateful for that.

Today is the first day of 2012.   I’m kicking it right.   Here’s to another year of full with happiness and healthy days.   For my people, you know who you are.  I love you.   Thank you for being such an awesome bunch.


6 Responses to “My Name is Yanni. I’m a Runner.”

  1. Tom says:

    I am WAY happy for you, Yanni!

    • Yanni Robel says:

      I wish you were there to see my face when the doc said ‘It’s not a fractured’. I have the most cheesiest smile, cheek-to-cheek and I was Squeeee’ing 🙂

  2. Harold says:

    That is so great Yanni, I know that you will do what you need to do!!!!

    Good luck and be a good girl and do what the Dr. ordered. 😉

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