MemeMonday: 11 words…

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Thomas LaRock (blog | twitter), has challenged us to write eleven word blog post, called Meme Monday and since Mike Reigler (blog | twitter), Dev Nambi (blog | twitter) and Kendra Little (blog |twitter) tagged me this morning, here’s mine: Asking the right question is a secret of a successful DBA I will have separate blog post this week talking about this very subject, but for today — 11 words will just have to be it. With this, I’m tagging three people: 1.  Dianne McNurlan (Blog | Twitter) 2.  Crys Manson (Blog | Twitter)...

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I’ve moved!

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After attending Brent Ozar (Blog|Twitter) Free-Conference session’s at Chicago about branding, blogging and presenting, I decided to change the look of my blog and move my domain to   Some of you probably already thought that’s what my blog URL was, but it wasn’t,  It used to be which will be up for a while for all the archive that were link to it but no new content will be added there. I’ve made a commitment to write more, to *gulp* submit abstract this year to present...

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Where are they going now?

Posted by on Mar 26, 2011 in SQL Family, SQL Musing, Women in IT | 6 comments

My husband, John Robel (blog|twitter) posed a very interesting question shortly after the Women in IT (WIT) lunch at SQL Saturday Chicago.    He commented that in the group discussions about the subject, we hear a lot of stories on how we (current Women in Technology) got into the IT field some years ago.    SQL University has a whole week of series about Women in IT that dedicated to just that (Jes, Julie, Audrey, Jen and Wendy – thanks for awesome posts!) and we all know that back then, the choice for women was somewhat limited or we...

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I’m a Woman. And I work in IT

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I read two awesome posts here and here, about Women in IT this week as part of SQL University (which is an awesome resources), written by Jes Borland  (blog | twitter) and Julie Smith (blog | twitter) and I can’t help but feel nostalgic and proud of the fact that I, too, work in this very rewarding field. I sent the link of the blog to my high school friend and she was very impressed (she’s currently a teacher at our high school and I have promised to keep her nameless.) She wanted me to write something so she can show it to her...

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Clip the coupon, Go on a cruise

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So you still are not sure about broaching the SQL Cruises idea on the powers that be?  Let me offer one more way that you could try the big sell… At my job we already have budget set aside for tools and licensing of Quest products, so for me the offer of free stuff was initially just a nice benefit.  Hey, maybe someone out there could use that to help him or her offset the costs of training I thought to myself (and wrote a blog about it.) But then I had an idea.  I could still take advantage of this free licensing even though we already were...

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So you want to go to SQLCruise?

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… but not sure how to get your boss’s approval on that? If you go to the SQL Cruise site, you’ll find tons of reasons on how to smooth your manager over.   Brent Ozar (blog | twitter) has various posts talking about that and my husband, John, actually wrote a post from a manager’s point of view that you can share with your manager.   He was not sure about the whole training on the cruise ship concept when I made him carry my bags asked him to join me on the train-cation last summer and he wrote about his experience. If those...

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On the 7th day of SQL…

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Following in Tim Ford’s (blog|twitter) footsteps, I also went non-technical with my favorite post for this awesome twelve days of SQL, which is one of Brent Ozar’s (blog|twitter) collection of bad great ideas that I’m very honored to be a part of.     I struggled to pick a favorite for this series since, well, there are many of them and it’s hard for me to just pick one,  but I hold this particular near and dear to my heart since this is a simple fact that we all know, but sometimes overlook (me included). This...

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Free Conference at SQL PASS

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I’ve been invited to this event coordinated by Brent Ozar (Blog | @BrentOzar) called Free-Con.   It is free (yes, really) and it is the most unique event I ever be part of.     I sat in the same room with 15 other people that I truly admired and adore.   You can read about the event itself on Brent’s post here so I won’t go over it in detail on what’s all about.    What I do want to mention here is what I personally get out of it.   First of all, I feel honored.   Initially, I also felt very intimidated.   I looked...

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I’m still around

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Wow.  Where did the time go?  It’s almost the end of September and I haven’t posted anything technical since, um, eon ago.   This blog is intended to be my technical blog, sharing some of the cool SQL fun stuff that I run across or have to deal with, which by the way, I have tons of those but for some reason I have a hard time translating it into a blog post.   So they are all safely written on my little spiral notebook (yes, I’m that old fashioned that I still write on spiral notebook for stuff using my pen) and none of them are...

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Inside SQL Immersion

Posted by on Aug 15, 2010 in SQL Family, SQL Musing, Training | 6 comments

With only one weekend in between, I came from attending SQL Cruise to another high-level SQL training.   Yes, you read right.   I went back-to-back technical training.   SQL Immersion was a one-week, high-level, in-depth SQL Training by the most respected SQL Professionals in the community, Paul Randal | @PaulRandal and Kimberly Tripp | @KimberlyLTripp No, this training is not on any moving boat or has margaritas in between sessions (although, Paul and Kim bought the first round of happy hour on our first day) and there’s no ocean view...

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