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I have total six anonymous donor / raffle purchaser on the Sparkle Skirts Giveaway that I’m currently having. I respected their intent to be anonymous, but I worry there’s a misunderstanding with marking the donation as anonymous as these are all raffle purchaser based on their Sparkle On! message (which is a required note to identify yourself as a raffle purchaser). In order for me to enter their name to the raffle, I need their information, especially their name AND email. When you marked your information to be anonymous, it will show as, well, anonymous even on my end (only notified me the amount)

In hindsight, I should be very clear about this on my post about the raffle (this is my first raffle, so I am learning my way around this) and I really, really want to make sure that these awesome raffle purchaser can be entered to the raffle. The information that I have is limited to the amount and the date/time when was the donation was given. There’s no other way for me to find out who they are (hence the anonymous part). In the spirit for a fair game, if you, my awesome anonymous-raffle-purchaser, happen to read this post, please do the following:

  1. Forward the confirmation email from LLS to me, that so I can match that with my records and enter your name for the raffle. I will need this by Saturday, Sept 14 2013 11am PST (drawing will be at 12pm PST — and I need a a little bit of time to work on it)
  2. If you miss the deadline, forward it to me anyway — and I’ll enter that raffle entries for the next Sparkle Skirts giveaway. (Yes, there will be another one. Stay tuned for the information!). Of course, you are welcome to buy more raffle entries and donate more towards this great cause!

I appreciated all the generosity and overwhelming response to this Giveaway and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support to the cause that very dear on my heart!


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