2013 Goofy Challenge: Week 7 – 10K Race

Week 7 Recap:

I feel like a slacker this week.   I skipped my Tues, and Thu run, and replace it with mid week run (Wed).   I have no excuse.  I mean, yes, the weather been super warm but consider with what the rest of the country experienced, our weather was NOT that bad.     Anyway – it wasn’t my best week but I am moving on and aim for better next week.   That’s all we can do, right?

Plan for this week

Tues: Run for 45 minutes

Thur: Run for 45 minutes

Sat: 10k Race!

Tuesday 8/14

I skipped the run. Yes, it’s lame – I know but life happens.

Wednesday 8/15

I made up yesterday’s lameness and went out for an evening run around the neighborhood. I did really well actually, considering it was pretty warm outside even in the evening. Finished 4.04 miles in 47 minutes

Thursday 8/16

Skipping run again. Sigh. What can I say, sometimes things weren’t working the way I want it to be. Let’s stick with that.

Saturday 8/18

My little runners!

10k race! It’s a neighborhood 10k race and it was a lot of fun! My girls were running kid’s 1k race and I was so proud to see my little runner. I want my girls love running the way I do, and they seems to have a lot of fun! Their race started at 8:45am and I ran with both of them as my warm up and was ready to roll at the start line by 9am.

It was a warm morning, and there was about a few hundreds runners. I started strong and kept my pace pretty even the entire time. However, this is a fast race – or should I say, everyone that ran this race is a fast runner because even though I broke my PR by 90 minutes on the same race/course from last year, and I did really well – I was the 5th person from the last to cross the finish line! My Nike app said I did 6.52 in 1:14. Not to shabby!


I am surrounded by so many generous people!  Wow!  I am really speechless to see my fundraising page that keep climbing up!   Keep it up, and I appreciate every one of you who support me!   http://tinyurl.com/GoofyChallenge


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