2013 Goofy Challenge: Week 5 – Travel

Week 5 Recap:

I didn’t follow the plan this week.   I missed a run and didn’t bother to make it up.   Lame, I know.   There were no excuse as I could’ve gone to the (air-conditioner) gym at the hotel and did at least 30 minutes as supposed to glue my bottom to the couch at the hotel room.   I am not too happy with myself at the moment, however, I also am not going wallow about it.   It’s in the past.  Hakuna Matata.

One thing that I realized this week though, I definitely stronger and better.   My pace is slowly increase and I am no longer huffing and puffing the entire run (only in the first 10 mins as my muscle and the rest of me warms up).    This part made me so happy.

5 weeks down, 23 weeks to go!

Plan for this week:

Tues: Run for 45 minutes

Thu: Run for 45 minutes

Sat: Run for 6 miles

Tuesday 7/31

I felt like kaka and didn’t really want to get out, but I did it anyway.   I went to the gym and tried to put in 45 minutes, however, I can’t seem to get my rhythm.   Everything off, so after a half hour or so — I gave up and stopped.   I put it 2.7 miles in 30 minutes

Thursday 8/2

I arrived at Chicago around 7pm and was really surprised on how hot it was.  It’s not only the heat, it’s the humidity.   I believed the temperature was hovering between 95-98 degrees at 9pm with (or so it felt) 100% humidity.   I quickly surrendered with the weather and decided to hang out at our air-conditioner hotel room instead.   Lame, I know.

Sunday 8/5

It was too chaotic to run on Saturday, the day we came back after our trip, so I did my run on Sunday.   We dropped the girls at grandma-camp, and head out on the trail.   I have to note here that it was HOT.   It wasn’t as humid as Chicago, but it was very warm.   I struggled the first couple miles due to the heat and had to take sip of water every walk break but I finished the distance and more.  7.5 miles in 1 hour 27 mins.   Not too shabby


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