2013 Goofy Challenge Training: Week 0 – Building Baseline

I’ve been trying to establish my running baseline so I know where I am at and am able to see the improvement during the course of the training.   It is always fun to look back and realized how far you have become which will boost your confidence and sometimes pick you back up from the slump days during the course of your training.

I also just try to be active again and get used with the routine.    After a few months off, it seems really hard to get back to the routine that I used to have and I want to at least have that before my official training start.

Here’s what I’ve been doing in the last 2 weeks:

Friday 6/22

I was off from work, so I decided after I dropped the girls to their school, I’m going to run 5k around the neighborhood.  I started very slow, and use 3-1 ration for my run/walk.    I wasn’t happy with this run, as I was struggling the entire time and did not enjoy it a bit.  I think part of it was I ran too fast.   I pace myself on the comfortable pace that I used to be not the one I have now.   So half way through, I was really struggling.   I completed the entire 5k though with 42.47.

Saturday 6/23

I woke up sore and didn’t feel like running.   Thankfully, my husband said something about it and I wasn’t going to quit it so I put my running shoes and go out for run.   I ran around the neighborhood again, same route.  This time, I paced it really slow.   I went through the first 3 miles without even thinking, and decided to ran a bit more.   Completed 3.73 with 52.42

Tuesday 6/26

I had this headache since the morning and it just stayed the entire day!  I almost didn’t go for a run, but my running date, Elysia, call me out on it and I was supposed to meet her at 6:30pm.   So I put my shoes on as soon as I got home, and met her.   We ran at the neighborhood for 5k.  It was fun to run with someone and I actually chatted with her the entire time and didn’t think about the time or distance.   There were a few times in the first miles that I felt my chest was tight due to my breathing, but it went away.   Overall, I had a good run!   Completed 3.17miles for 44.32

Thursday  6/28

I absolutely had no motivation to go for a run.  In fact, I pleaded to the husband with excuses and such, and basically told him that I was just going upstairs and rest.   He didn’t really fight me on it and I had my mind made to just rest.   I sat next to my 4 years old on the couch and she gave me this look.  I asked her what’s with the look, and she said ‘Mama, if you don’t go out for a run, I’m not proud of you‘   I was like.. WHA?  So, I put on my running shoes and gear, dragged my behind to the gym.   I was’t in the mood to run outside, as it started to rain a bit.   I grumbled for the first 10 minutes on the treadmill, but then I found my rhythm.   I tried to run faster, but that just ruined it – so I dropped my interval to 2-1.  I finished 3.16 miles in 35.43 and came home to my baby girl who said ” I’m sooo proud of you, mama”.

Saturday  6/30

I woke up feeling crabby.  I slept way too late and I didn’t feel like going anywhere as usual.   Good thing for peer pressure and public accountability, cause I didn’t feel like finding an excuse that acceptable to skip it.    The husband was busy with some work issues, so I head out to the trail myself.   As I parked the car, I realized how much I miss the trail!.   I haven’t been there since last year!   The weather is somewhat warm, but comfortable.   There are many trees on that trail, so I never had to deal with direct sunlight on a sunny day.   I set up my running app and did 2-1 ratio today per Jeff Galloway‘s advice.   I was fortunate that early this year, he gave me his email address after TinkerBell Half so I can ask him questions.   Pretty awesome, huh?   I finished 4.07 miles in 54.39 minutes and felt great afterwards.


I am out of shape.   That’s my conclusions.  My baseline is not even close with what I thought I should be, but hey, that’s what training for, right?   I definitely need to include strength training in the upcoming weeks, but I can’t schedule anything yet with my trainer.  I will, however, vow to do it at least once a week at home or at the gym.



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