2013 Goofy Challenge Training: Week 1 – Baby Steps

Week 1 Recap

First week of my official training. I made it and didn’t miss the three runs that was schedule for this week. I had to admit though, I wasn’t just up and preppy about the whole thing. I was dragging my behind as I would rather to sit and did nothing, but I didn’t really have any excuse and couldn’t face certain people that will constantly nagging me to go out running on my training day (Hai Erin and Jes! Yes, I’m talking about you).

In other words, be patience with myself

Lesson learned for this week — I have got to hydrate myself well before long run, well, any run.  Drinking more water daily already been my goal, but I do need to do more the night before my run.  I also need to start incorporating a strength training. I noticed that I’m not as strong as I was last year (or earlier this year) and I need to be better.  I’m going to start doing that at home, and schedule sometimes with my trainer/coach in the next few weeks when things are calming down a bit between summer, child care, work and stuff.  I know last year that I felt stronger when I start running, but that right after the climb and months of training for the climb.

This time around is different. I have to be a bit more patience with myself and not comparing where I am today with where I was 7 months ago. I am starting over. Baby steps, Yanni, baby steps. I will get there.

Plan for this week:

Tue: 45 minutes run

Thu: 45 minutes run

Sat: 4 miles run

Tuesday 7/2

My first ‘official’ training run.   Yes, I know it’s a mindset but I was excited about it.   I decided to go to the gym and ran on the treadmill.   Yes, I know – it was boring, and I was contemplating to run outside after I parked my car in front of the gym but decided to stay inside as I forgot my running jacket and it was somewhat cool evening.

I set my app for 45 minutes run and start a 2-1 ratio.   I ran 4.01 miles within 45.25 and felt great the entire time

Thursday 7/5

It’s a HOT day out. Well, it’s not as hot as the rest of the country, I know, but it still hot for our Seattle standard. I was dilly dally since I got home from work, and decided (again) to run at the gym. Wrong choice, bad decision as it turn out, it was HOTTER inside the gym. I was completely miserable, but finished my 45 minutes and did 4.12 miles using 2-1 ratio.

Saturday 7/7

Another (somewhat) hot day.   Okay, it’s 55 degrees when I woke up and the sun was out.   I was waiting for our sitter to arrives so both the husband and I could do our run/bike together.   We got to the trail around 10:20am and it was nice and cool as there are so many trees around the trail.   I paced myself really well, but felt very sluggish the first mile and a half.   Note to self – HYDRATE, hydrate, hydrate on the night before the long run.  Always.   I was feeling it.   The warm air didn’t help either.   Good thing the husband rode his bike around me, carried my icy bottle of water.    I did really well after a mile and a half though.   Finished 5.05miles in 1:07:18.

Yes, I have a lot of work to do to get me on the pace I wanted to be but hey, first week out of 28 weeks is DONE.


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