2013 Goofy Challenge: Week 4 – Double Digit

Week 4 Recap:

My first double digit run this year!!  I was actually excited and nervous for the long run this week as I wasn’t sure how I’m going to do.   I started the week with a really crappy news on my health, so I was NOT in good mood but somehow I managed to re-focus and redirect my energy towards my run.   My mid-week run was great and I even did one of them during my vacation, even though the husband had to nudge me a bit in order for me to get going.    In overall, I had a really good week.  I felt stronger than a week before and am very looking forward to become even stronger as the weeks goes by.

4 weeks down, 24 weeks to go!!

Plan for this week:

Tues: Run 45 minutes

Thu: Run for 45 minutes

Sat: Run for 10 miles

Tuesday 7/24

I got home a bit earlier and head straight to the trail.  I had a very crappy day and I just want to go out for run.   I did the usual route and set my Nike app to do 45 minutes and went out my way.   I ended up having a really good run and even run a bit longer than I planned.  4.0 miles in 49:13

Thursday 7/26

Our family took a couple days off on Wednesday and head out to Rosyln, WA — about an hour east from where we live.   We stayed at this awesome resort called Suncadia Resort and had an awesome time.   I did pack my running gear with me but had a motivation issue to actually did my run (who actually run on their vacation, right?)   However, after a serious smack-down from the husband, I finally put my shoes on and head out for a run.   I followed the path around the property and set my app for 45 minutes.   It was beautiful scenery and I was so glad that I did my run!   I got lost for a moment and had to text the husband so he can figured out where I was at (gotta love technology) and it was pretty hot out there.   I did 3.51 miles in 46 minutes

Saturday 7/28

Double Digit!  It’s my first double digit run since… well, my half-marathon in January.   I was pretty confident and asked the husband to drop me at the very beginning of the trail and run west.   He parked the car around the 10 miles mark and rode his bike towards me.   The first 3 miles went by fast.   I did my usual 2-1 ratio and I did great.   At half-point, I decided to change things up a bit and started to do 5-1 ratio instead (okay, it might’ve start as an accident as I miss the cue for the walk break).   Surprisingly, I did really well with that ratio and felt strong the entire half of the run with it.   I finished my 10.02 miles within 2:07:49.   Not too bad!


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