2013 Goofy Challenge: Week 3 – Progress

Week 3 Recap:

I had so much going on this week, between hectic work, challenging health-news and family obligations, but I am very pleased to look back and know I didn’t miss any scheduled run.   I felt stronger and finally found some rhythm during my run, which made my run more pleasant.   The weather been very good, not too hot for summer and even though the humidity was high, the trail that I was running have a lot of trees, which make the run very comfortable under the shades.

I am currently using Saucony ProGrid Omni 10 and I love it.   It’s a good stability shoes that replace my old Asics Gel-Equation 4 that I used for my last 3 races.    However, I want to have an alternate shoes during this training so I went ahead and buy Saucony ProGrid Omni 11 which pretty much the same shoes, but newer model.    I used the new shoes for all my run this week and plan to put equal miles on this shoes and alternate with my other one.

I am still not incorporating any strength training.   I know I have to, and have absolutely no excuse.   My bad.   I’ll make an effort to really put that in place this coming week.

In summary, despite everything that happen – I had a great week running-wise.   I’m making progress and that’s always a win.

3 weeks down, 25 weeks to go!

Plan for this week:

Tues:  Run for 45 minutes

Thu:   Run for 45 minutes

Sat:  Run 7 miles

Tuesday 7/17

A few of us at work decided to go a group run together around lunch time.   We took a nice jog towards the waterfront and start running at Elliot Bay trail and go into Myrtle Edwards Park.  I had such a great time with the group run and enjoy the conversation with my co-workers.   It felt awesome to be able to break the work day, run and enjoy the day.   The weather was perfect!   We did 5k in about 45 minutes

Thursday 7/19

My good friend, Elysia, met me at Starbucks after work and we head out to Snoqualmie Valley trail.    I had such a great time with her as we chatted and had a really nice conversation.   We did 2-1 ratio and run 3.7 miles in about 45 minutes

Saturday 7/21

Me at Miles 7. Looking good, eh?

My training plan called for 7 miles today, but I decided to do 8 miles to put on some mileage for this week.   My husband and I headed to the trail around 10am and I started to run west from where we park at Fall City.   Usually, I turned around on the half point and headed back to where we park, but I didn’t feel like it and wanted to kept going.   I asked my husband to moved to the car around mile 3 to further west so I can keep running.

I did 2-1 ratio and my overall pace were better than any of my run in the last 3 weeks.   I felt strong for the entire 8 miles and my split were pretty even.   I hydrated myself well prior the run as well as during the run.   I know that I am making tremendous progress because a few weeks ago, I felt winded on my 4 miles run and now I can breezed through my 8 miles with no problem.

I finished 8.04 miles within 1:43 minues.

Another one small win.


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