2013 Goofy Challenge Training: Week 2 – Getting Better

Week 2 Recap:

This week been an interesting week.   Some of you know, and some of you don’t but let just say — it’s not the best week for me healthwise.    I received not-so awesome news that moved the ground under my feet a bit but my loved ones and friends were there for me, ready to catch me when I lost my balance and tumbled.   It humbled me.   You know who you are.   I love you all.

On the running front – this week is a way better week than last.   I felt a wee bit stronger and for the first time in weeks, I actually want to go out and run.   I don’t whine about it and pout and drag my behind out to the trail for my long run.   I was actually looking forward to it.    I still haven’t incorporate strength training into this other than abdominal routines that I did every other night.   I know I need too and will try to get together with my trainer, Weston Williams, very very soon.

2 weeks down, 26 weeks to go!

Plan for this week:

Tue:  45 minutes run

Thu:  45 minutes run

Sat: 6 miles run

Tuesday 7/10

I had a very, very crappy day.   The husband took my girls to their piano lesson, with full intention so I can go out and run and not worry about the girls.   What did I do?  I changed to my running clothes and sat on the couch.   For two hours.   I was exhausted.   Emotionally and physically.   I just received not-so-awesome news and I was just trying to digest it.   My energy level went to negative and I really, really didn’t want to go.    I felt somewhat defeated.   Then I got mad.   To myself.   For feeling defeated, so I put on my running shoes and head out.    It was a hard run.   I can’t find my rhythm,  and I was all over the place.    I did my 45 minutes though, crawling and hobbling.   I logged 3.38 miles.

Thursday 7/12

I arranged a sitter for my girls, and had the husband to come with me on my run.   We loaded his bike to the truck and head out to the trail shortly after work.   I decided to run west on the trail instead of east just to change things a bit as I haven’t been to that side of the trail since last year.   I had waaaay better run.   In fact, I enjoyed every single minutes out there.   I felt strong the entire time and ended up logged in 4.08 miles for 53 minutes.

Saturday 7/14

Snoqualmie Valley Trail – Courtesy of Elysia Pitt

For the first time in months, I actually want to go out for a run.   I didn’t whine about it and was actually looking forward to be back in the trail this morning.  It was sunny, 68 degrees morning.   A wee bit warm for my running weather, but I know the there’s a lot of trees on the trail.

My awesome friend, Elysia, joined me for this run.   We got to the trail around 10:15am and we ran west on the trail.   First 2 miles went by really quick as I was really enjoying her company.   She turned around on the 2 miles mark, but I kept on running for another mile before turn around.   I felt strong the entire time and had a really good meditation time while I ran alone.  It was one of those run that you can run for hours.   It was a good day!   I finished my 6.04 miles within 1:22mins.


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