Back to Training. New Race Scheduled

It’s been two weeks since my TinkerBell Half-Marathon and it’s time to get off the couch.   What?  You don’t think I will stop after a full marathon AND two half-marathon, right?

I’m not going to go back to do Mt. Rainier summit attempt this year as I explain in my previous post, so I have to fill my year with some goal I can work towards to and even though my husband started to tempt me with Triathlon event, I’m going to pass as I am not really a good swimmer.  And I rarely ride a bike.

Anyway, I have have registered for another two race this year, and planned to register for the third race as soon as the registration open.   They are Vancouver Half-Marathon on May 6 and  Disneyland Half-Marathon on Sept 2.    I will blog about my third race as soon as I registered and committed to it.   For now, let just say – I might do another one towards the end of the year.

My training started yesterday and I will blog my weekly recap as usual.

The best part about this race?   I’m going to do it with my close friends.   Both of my bridesmaid from my wedding, who also a great friends of mine, Mindy Rose and Marisa Madrid are going to run Vancouver Half with me, on top of that, Ryan Malcom (t) is joining us for the fun.   This will be Mindy and Ryan’s first half-marathon and Marisa’s second.   I’m excited to share this experience with them!

For Disneyland Half, two of my awesome friends, Brent Ozar (t) and Kendra Little (t) are joining me on this fun.  Brent is trying to recruit more people from SQL Community to join us on this race as he blogged it here.

So, my awesome reader – if you are thinking about doing a half-marathon and want to do that with a friend, this is your chance.   Join me in either of this race and we’ll have some fun together.  If this is your first half-marathon and you aren’t sure if you can do it, or pick which training plan to use, I can help you.   I had a lot of help (and still do!)  and this is my way to pay it forward.    Disclaimer – I’m not a coach, or a trainer, however, I am a good training buddy.   I can be your person to whine, brag, complaint and cry about your run as long as you don’t mind to be mine.   It’s going to be awesome, because we are awesome.

Put on your running shoes, and let’s do this together.


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