26.2 Miles

In about 9 hours from now, I’m going to cross the start line for my very first full marathon.   That day finally here.    4 plus month of training, three hundred plus miles, a few injuries, challenges after challenges, I am finally here.   It’s been absolutely awesome journey and whatever happen tomorrow, I know I am going to give it my best, and more.

I am ready!

I will have my phone with me (no, please do not call me as I will ignore you) and I have this cool app called runmeter installed.   This app allowed me to find out my pace, how many miles I’ve been running and my time.   It also allowed you to talk to me.   Yes, this app will read your tweet or facebook message to me.   If you are familiar with twitter, you will see the tweet from me that indicate the start of my running.   From that moment on, if you tweet me, the app will read those to me (someone please tweet me with different language other than English, I’m so curious on how that sound!).   It’s super cool.   If you are a facebook person, the same app will post the message on my facebook wall that indicate the start of my run.   Please do comment under that post, as I will hear your comment.   Say something funny.   Something encouraging.   Do a tongue-twister words.   Spell things backward.   Tell me that you believe in me, that I can really do this as there will be moment that I’m going to second-guess myself, especially after 18 miles (or right now as I write this).

Thank you for walking (or running) beside me throughout this journey.   It’s been awesome.   YOU are awesome.

See you tomorrow on the other side of the finish line.


3 Responses to “26.2 Miles”

  1. Steve Jones says:

    You did it! 26.2 miles in the books.

    My congratulations to you.

  2. Karen Lopez says:

    Wow. Yanni. Just Wow.

    You did a wonderful job. I’m still amazed.

    Perhaps you’ve inspired me to train for a full as well.

  3. Luke Jian says:

    Congrats Yanni,
    You are an inspiration for all of us. It’s people like you that make me switch my mindset from “nah… you’ll never do that” to “Whoa… You can do it if you put your mind to it!”
    My resolution for 2012: Start running!!

    THANK YOU!!!


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