Week 16 & 17: Recovery and 20-Miler

I was slacking off on my update so I am combining my week 16 and 17 update.   Yes, yes I know.  I should post an update once a week, but life gets in a way and between my training, my job and being a mom – I have a very little time left.   So I choose to nap instead of writing my update.   Heh.

Week 16: Recovery Week

There’s not much to report for this week.  Remember when I twisted my ankle during my 17 miles run?  Yeah, that turn out bad.  It sprained my ankle quite a bit and in result, I have a swollen ankle for a while and my shins were paying the price.   My physical therapy ordered me to stay off my feet and not do any run at all.   So the only run I did this week was the one before I saw my physical therapist.  I went out to Seattle Waterfront and did 3 miles with Ryan Malcom (t).   That was actually pretty painful run.   I didn’t realize my ankle was in that bad of the shape (literally) and my shins were screaming in pain the entire 3 miles.

I spent an hour on elliptical machine on Thursday as well as Saturday.   In between, I tried to do some walk, but I literally limp around so I skipped them.   My stubbornness really carry me over to the stupid line, I guess.   Lesson learn here – when you twist your ankle in mile 1 – do NOT continue running another 16 miles.   Got it.

Week 17: Twenty Miler

Big week.  I saw my physical therapist on Monday and she cleared me for easy run on the treadmill.  I was antsy.  I haven’t run for almost a week and just want to get out and run.  Wow.  I never thought I actually said that.   I never considered myself a runner, until recently.   I never felt antsy for not able to run.   I usually get antsy for not able to go out and hike for a while.

Anyway, I ran 3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday.  At the treadmill.   I did okay.  Shins were still tender, but ankle was better.   On Friday, my PT cleared me for my long-run with a big warning to be very, very careful and to listen what my body told me.    I was excited, until Saturday morning came along.

It was COLD morning.  About 37 degrees.  No rain, but it was definitely wet in the trail.  Oh, did I mentioned COLD?   I really didn’t want to go outside, let alone run 20 miles but most of my friends already know I’m going to do this, and I just can’t face them if I didn’t go out.  Accountability.   I’m tellin’ ya.  It really does work.

So here I was.  On 37 degrees Saturday.  Out on the trail.   I wore my base layer, my Portland Half-Marathon short sleeves shirt, and my running jacket.   On the bottom, I have my capri and wore my compression sleeves.   Plus the gloves.   I was ready.   I started the run with fairly slow pace.   My PT told me to run 2 minutes slower than my normal pace which I had no problem to do so.   I ran the first 6 miles or so with Jimmy May (t) and I just love his company!

I was doing really well for the first 17 miles.  Then, I didn’t understand why – but mentally, I was done.  It just – I was beat, mentally.   I wasn’t hurt or in any pain but those last three miles turn into the hardest three miles I ever ran.   I wasn’t sure if that’s what they called it the ‘wall’ but I know I struggled.   I broke down in tears, because I was frustrated.   I need to get myself together, but didn’t know how.   My husband, John, who rode his bike alongside of me, tried to entertained me, humor me and he even sent the tweet out

That was awesome.   There was one tweet after another John tweeted that, and that’s even after many-many encouraging tweets I had during the run.   I’m telling you, I have a really awesome friends who are so supportive on things you do!   I finally finish the 20 miles and was never been so happy to see our car in the parking lot!   John had brought me my parka jacket, the jacket that I used for my climbing as I was immediately shivering when I stop running.   I stretched, drank more water and ate some banana and we head home.

For those who were there for me on during my run, and continuously sent out encouraging tweets and Facebook messages.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  Very, very much.   It meant a lot to me.   I know some of you can vouch for this too.  That was what kept me going.  Some of them made me giggle, and some of them made me burst into laugh.  Some of them ticked me off and lit fire under my behind, but all of those tweets help me in their own way.   I love them.

Below are just some of them that I can capture.   It’s so awesome and I am so thankful to have this many support.  Just look at these tweets below. They are really, really great.



Not much going on here as I haven’t done much.  I sent out first email and got some donation out of it.   I need to start kicking into a high gear.  My race is 6 weeks away.   If you happen to read my post all the way to this point, please visit my fundraising page at http://tinyurl.com/RobelMarathon.   Every dollar mean a lot.   Beside – what are the better ways to try to get tax deductible, right?   End of year is around the corner and your donation is 100% tax deductible.   And you are helping ME.  And thousand of others who are affected with blood cancer.


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