Week 14 – Recovery Week

I never quite understand what recovery week means until this past week.   After I ran 15 miles – most of my muscles were so tight the next day.  I did my usual iced-stretched-iced-stretched routines but my shins were not cooperating with me.   I was doing fine Sunday, but Monday – I have a hard time to just go up and down the stairs.   This is the same shins that’s been bugging me before my half-marathon.   In a nutshell – I’m somewhat taking it easy this week, and only did my recovery run (another new terms for me!)


I walked for 30 minutes.   I actually felt great afterwards


I ran 3 miles around Seattle waterfront and wow, I was hurting the entire time.   I had to actually ran about 2 minutes slower than my normal pace.   Overall – it was an awful run.   I was so happy when it’s done


I did another 30 minutes walk around downtown.   I’m starting to take a liking on this walk between my running days.  It gets me out of the office and get my downtime workout in.


I changed to my running clothes around noon, but never really made it anywhere.   I worked through lunch and still have my running clothes by the time I got home around 8pm.   I wasn’t a happy camper.   I didn’t make it as a priority.  Bad Yanni.


It’s my day off, so after I dropped my girls to school, I decided to run around the neighborhood.   I started by the school and just did a loop around on somewhat flat street (my neighborhood is very hilly).   I managed to get my 3 miles in and felt very good afterwards


My non-long-run weekend.   Since I’m still in recovery week, I didn’t have a long run today.   Instead, I was only scheduled to do another 3 miles.   I went to my favorite trail in the morning and did my 3 miles.   My shins still hurts but not as much.   It took so much energy to run when you have some pain!   I was exhausted when I was done




Big shout out this week to Brent Ozar (t) and Erin Stellato (t) who were being very generous on their support towards my fundraising!  I am slowly getting up there and still have a way to go.   I sent an email out already and hopefully things are moving fairly quickly.   For those who are looking for more tax write up for 2011, here is your chance!   Every dollar counts and your donation are being used to save life.   Please visit my fundraising page at http://tinyurl.com/RobelMarathon


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