Week 7: Portland Half – Busy Week

Plan for this week:

Mon: Run 3.75 miles

Tues:  Strength Training

Wed: Run 3.3 miles

Thu: Cross Training

Fri: Rest

Sat: Run 11 Miles

Sun: Rest

I totally flunked this week’s training.   It’s a week leading up to my wedding reception and well, I’m a wee bit busy than normal.  Yes, yes I know.  I should made that a priority but life get in a way and I did not do any of my strength training, cross training and long run (that scheduled on my wedding day!).   I was trying to make that happen though, even pack my running shoes along with my wedding dress but I was not able to do that.  Or let say – I did not make that as a priority.   I choose to enjoy the day with my husband instead.    After all, those 4 inches heels that I wore on Saturday gave my calves a workout as if I ran uphill!

How it went down:


I took the girls with me to East Lake Sammamish trail so they can rode their bike around while I ran.  We stopped at my mom’s on the way there and my youngest one decided to stay behind at Grandma.   I asked my brother to join me and since he’s about to go out and did a run himself.    We got to the trail and while my husband unloaded the bike with my oldest daughter, I started the run with my brother.   My muscles felt pretty tight initially (after my 10 miler 2 days prior) but it started to loosen up about a mile into it.   I felt great and was trying on this pose running method that my brother-in-law told me.   It was interesting!  I did have to constantly thinking about it though.  I wasn’t able to just naturally do that.   As we approached the 2 miles mark, I heard someone calling my name.   It was my 5-years old!  She rode her bike (without training wheels) to catch up with me!  I was so surprised as she never rode her bike that far!  We had a little ‘accident’ as she fell off the bike on the 2 miles mark and I had to stop and comfort her, but my husband told me to keep running so I did.   I continued to run back and was a bit distracted as I was worry about my daughter.   Shortly after I finished, I heard a giggle and there she was, riding back to where we started.   I was so proud of her!  My 5 years old rode for 4 miles!  Oh, and I did pretty good myself.   My avg page was 11:20.


I didn’t really do any strength training, but I went to see my PT and we did a few stretching and strengthening routines.


Work get in a way and I skipped a run.   I only had an hour sleep the night before and I have nothing in my tank to even walk, let alone run.


I put on my running clothes, laced of my shoes and dropped my girls to school.   I told my husband to drop me on top of the hill and I will run home (yes, I don’t want to run hill).   It was awesome morning and I ran around my neighborhood.  Turn out, even though I avoid the main hill, I still had to run to about 3-4 different hilly road.   I also was trying on different running trick.  The Galloway method.   Jeff Galloway is the official running coach for all Disney event and I’m curious with this run/walk method.   I choose 4-1, which mean 4 minutes run and 1 minute walk and I love it.   My avg pace is 10:32 with this method!!  I *never* able to run below 11 minutes pace!  I want to try this method on my long run and see how that goes


Rest Day


My schedule called for double-digit long run today but I have a wedding to have.   I thought that I might be able to do that afterwards, but who I was kidding.   Beside, as I mentioned above, my 4 inches heels that I wore really did a number to my calves!




I didn’t do much for fundraising this week, but a few of my awesome friends donated to it without me asking.   You know who you are.  Thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart.   I’m looking for a corporate sponsor.   Yes, you.  I’m talking to all of ISV or Solution Provider company on my circle.   I know you are not doing or selling anything ‘running’ but I’m a DBA and what could be a better way to sponsor your own and have your company logo/name printed on my running jersey that I’m going to use on my Disney run.  Let me say it again.   DISNEY run (which mean, there’s thousands of people who will see that).  On top of that, you will be helping Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.   You are helping ME.   I’m a survivor and these organization play a critical roles on research for MY medicine.   Email me for detail or visit my fundraising page at http://tinyurl.com/HelpYanni


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