Week 6: Portland Half – Back to Normal

Plan for this week:

Mon: Run 3.75 miles

Tues: Strength Training

Wed: Run 3.75 miles

Thu: Cross Training

Fri: Rest

Sat: 9 miles Run

Sun: Rest

This week is a highlight of my training run so far.  I’m still nursing my IT Band injury but overall, I felt great and this week is my best week so far.   I went to see Physical Therapy on Monday and had a painful yet awesome massage for my injury.   I also learned a few different stretching technique and some different strength training routines to help my injury.    I also (gasp!) decided to register for my second half-marathon race before even do my first one!   Yes, I know – a bit ambitious, but hey – life is short and I can’t see a reason for NOT going after what I want to do.   Not even a stupid cancer can stop me.   On January 29, 2012 – I will also be running half-marathon on TinkerBell Run at Disneyland.   I’m so excited and looking forward to it!    I still need your help though, as my mission to raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to fund research for finding the cure for my cancer still on and to meet my minimum fundraising for the race.

This week, I also did my FIRST double digit run!  If you asked me a couple months ago f I can run 10-miles, I would say – there’s no way I can do that.  Well, lookie here – I just did it yesterday.   I felt pretty awesome and not even once I have to talk myself into keep running.   I am so proud of me!

How it went down:


I woke up early and ran at my favorite running trail by my house, Snoqualmie Valley Trail.   I felt really good with my pace and I was able to focus with my run.  I tried to pay attention with my body on recognizing the feeling of each part and made a mental note on how I felt.   The air was crisp and the trail was lovely.   I finished my 4 miles within 46:12 minutes.


I did my strength training routines that was recommended by my Physical Therapist.   Mostly a hip exercise to strengthen my hips and prevent any future injury as well as a few cores routines.   Gotta love the lunges (all 4 kinds of it).


I laced up my shoes around noon and head out to this waterfront trail by my office.   I set my iPhone app on and started to run.   I had another great run!  It was perfect day, with perfect breeze and enough sun.   I was focusing on my breathing, my heart beat and the sounds of my shoes hitting the ground, one after another.   I finished 4 miles withing 46:01 minutes and felt great afterwards


I was supposed to do cross training, but life get in a way.   I decided to call it an extra rest day.


Rest day!


My brother-in-law and the husband are going out for the run with me.   We were at the trail at 7:45am and did our light warm up.   My husband was on his bike, and my brother-in-law was running with me.    The first mile went by really quick and I didn’t even realize it as I had a good time chatting with my brother-in-law as I was running (chatting and running, can you believe that?  I used to HATE that).   We ran side by side and just had a great time.   Before long, 3 miles went by and I switched to my audio books.   I love listening to audiobook when I run!   The one that I am listening right now is What I Talk about When I Talk about Running and it’s pretty good so far!   It kept my mind occupied during the long run and focus on the words.   I hit the 5 miles mark with no problem (other than the need for the bathroom break)!  I took my Gu shot, down some water with it and turn around on that trail for the second part of my run.   My pace slowed down a bit on the second half, but I still felt great.   Not even once, I had to talk myself to keep on running!   The tweets from my friends during my run were absolutely awesome!   I love you guys!   I finished 10 miles withing 1:58:11!  Under two hours!!  30 minutes faster than the time I was predicted for myself!!  So so happy!




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