Week 5: Portland Half – Nursing the Injury

Plan for this week:

Mon:   Run 4 miles

Tues:  Strength Training

Wed:  Tempo Run – 3.75miles

Thu: Cross Training

Fri:  Rest

Sat: Run 8 Miles

Sun: Rest

The knee pain that I’ve been feeling, turn out to be bigger than what I thought.   After doing my Monday run, it actually felt worst and my running coach was very concerned.   He told me to take Tues off and give it a rest, which I did.   After my Wed run – I was barely able to put pressure on it.   I iced it and stretched quite a bit, but it didn’t feel any better.   I took another rest on Thursday and Friday and only run 4 miles on Saturday.    I made an appointment to see Physical Therapy for next week since I want to make sure to nip this in the butt.

I was frustrated.  For those who knows me, patience is not one of my strongest suit.   I was antsy and very frustrated with the fact that I wasn’t able to keep up with my training plan.   My running coach assured me that I would be okay and he was confidence that I would be just fine even though I miss a few runs.   It’s another learning experience.    My body was trying to communicate with me, and I need to listen to it.

How it went down:


I went to Snoqualmie Valley Trail and ran for 4 miles.   I felt okay during it, but my knee started to hurt about half way through.  I managed to finish it, but it wasn’t all too pleasant the second half of it.


Rest.  Coach order


Tempo Run.  I went to Sculpture Park by Seattle Waterfront and did the whole 3.75 miles.   I ran for 12 minutes (a mile) and did interval of 6 minutes pace-up, and 1 minutes pace-down.   I did that interval three times and follow by another 12 minutes ran.   Total 45 minutes (3.75 miles).   The interval was HARD and I felt like my heart about to jump out of my chest!


Rest.  Coach order


Rest.  Coach order


My running coach change my training plan to only run for 4 miles.   I laced up my shoes and went to the neighborhood trail.   I know it’s out there, but never tried one before.   It was interesting trail and boy, it was a LOT of hills.   My calves felt like rock when I was done!  I did good the entire 4 miles, even with the pain in my knee




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