Week 4: Portland Half – Stubborness

Plan this week:

Mon: Run 3.75 miles

Tues: Cross Training

Wed: Tempo Run

Thu: Strength Training

Fri: Rest

Sat: 5 Miles

Sun: Rest

Wow.  What a week.   I was feeling the side of my newly dosage of medicine more than last week.   Fatigue hit me fast and hard and the bone pain just made me want to incorporate my pain meds as my diet component.   I am struggling.  Not just physically due to this limitation, but mostly emotionally.   A big shout out to my fellow runner, Jes, Karen, Rob, Erin and Brent which also a really great friend of mine.   They are constantly lifting my spirit up by short emails, tweets and even late night phone call.   I love you guys.   Who would’ve thought that I can have great friendship from this awesome SQL Community?   I’m not just talking about some friendship that we hung out during SQL PASS or SQLSaturday.  I’m talking the kinda friendship that go above and beyond that!

I took a few days break this week because I just wasn’t able to move.   However, I still did one of my short run (4 miles), and cross training and I end this week with an awesome accomplishment on my part of my first 10k race!  I did (surprisingly) good (all things considered), run the entire time and my pace was faster than my normal training pace (yes Karen – you warn me about this).   Despite the fatigue and the pain, I managed to cross the finish line upright and smiling!   Stubbornness can give you an extra fuel when you really need them.   Trust me on that.

How it went down:


I was feeling very crummy on this day, but I was not about to give up my running.   After work, I laced up my shoes and John and I headed out to the trail.   I ran very slow to combat the fatigue and after a couple miles, my knee and shin started to hurt really, really bad.   On top of that, I have this bone pain from hip to the knee and the pain was coming from within, radiating out, left me with throbbing feeling.   That’s the side effect of my medicine – have nothing to do with the run, however, it just add the difficulty level on everything.   I ended up run for 4 miles, and it took me 52 minutes to finish it.


Woke up with a throbbing knee and I knew that I have to give my leg a rest.  This one was from the running.  My coach, Andy, told me the same thing and even change Wed to be a rest day on my training plan.   I iced my leg a lot and really take it easy


My modified training plan said rest, but I was resting yesterday and I felt somewhat decent.  I decided to do a cross training by walking on the elliptical machine for 2.5 miles.  I felt great afterward


My fatigue hit record high for a week.  I have absolutely no energy and again, this was a side effect of my medicine.   I stared at the dumb bell in front of me while I’m sitting in the couch.  It only took me a few steps from where I was sitting and did some basic core & back routines at home, but I just couldn’t move.


Another schedule rest day.  I was preparing for Saturday long run, so hydrate, hydrate and more hydrate


I have registered myself to Railroad Days 10k.   I was a bit nervous since the last time I tried to do a long run, I didn’t go anywhere.  We were at the race location at 8:15am.  There’s about 700 runner on the event.   Both of my girls participated in Kids 1k race.  It was so cute to watch a bunch of kiddos with their running Bib.  My girls did awesome!  They both ran and got their medal!

My Girls and I - Ready to Race

My start time was at 9am.  I was almost at the very back of the all the runner when we start.  I started with my slow and steady pace.   I put my audio books on, turn on my tracking app and went on my way.    I hit the first mile before I even realize it and I was surprise to hear my pace.  I was about a minute faster than my normal pace.   I worried that I started to fast, so I slow down a bit.   Before I knew it – I was on mile marker 5 miles, and I kept on going.   I felt strong, and didn’t feel pain anywhere.   I just focused on6, one foot in front of another and didn’t even care about other runner or time.  After the mile six, I started to see the finish line.   I almost sprint on the last quarter mile and I finished with a huge grin in my face.  I did it!   Despite of feeling crummy, have all kind of discomfort, I managed to finish my first race with not-so-embarassing time of 1:14:14.  See my official result here


Another rest day to recover from the long run


I did a couple tweet and a few people decided to donate.  I am grateful for those ones!  For those who want to help me and support my run, please visit my fundraising page at http://tinyurl.com/HelpYanni


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  1. Erin Stellato says:

    Love it, you are doing so well! Keep fighting. You know we are all behind you.


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