Week 9: Climb for Clean Air – Discipline during Vacation


Monday: Interval Training

Tuesday: Strength Training

Wednesday: Long Cardio

Thursday: REST Day!

Friday: Strength Training

Saturday: Long Cardio

Sunday: Strength Training

This is the third week that I don’t have a complete work out within a week.   I’m freaking out, right now – especially after I realize that I’m 6 weeks away from my climb.  I had this week all plan and I started to do really good, but I miss 2 work out days again this week!  Not happy with myself.   Again, I am not putting my training as a priority so I have nobody to blame but myself.

Yes, I was on vacation this week.   I was on this awesome vacation and technical training on board Norwegian Pearl called SQL Cruise. It was a busy week, full with awesome material for the training and absolutely gorgeous view.    Temptation to do absolutely nothing other than attend my sessions are very high, but I manage to follow my plan.  Sorta.  I have to thank my husband, John, for being there for me and supporting me.  Without him, I probably never set foot in a gym and do any work out during vacation

How it actually went down:


I did an hour interval training at elliptical machine.  Turn out that being in a moving ship that sway is a challenge on its own, let alone being in the elliptical machine on the ship.   I did level 15 for the high interval and level 10 for the lower interval.  I did really good, other than feeling a bit woozy afterward due to a moving ship



Me at Juneau, AK

I went on 4.5 miles instead of strength training.  It was beautiful scenery and the trail actually pretty streneous.  There were part of the trail that pretty steep and I felt really good afterward.   The scenery was fantastic and the company were fabulous.  I did not have any additional weight on my pack, other than my usual 10-essentials, layer of jackets, and water but I enjoyed this hike very much.


I did variety of strength training, started with 4 different upper body work.   Pull down, Chest Press, Pull up and Row.   I did 3 sets of 12 reps.  Then I did conventional lower body exercise.   I started with leg press, leg curl and leg extension.  I also did 3 sets of 12 reps.   I felt really good when I’m done which is a great feeling to have after the work out


Rest Day


I snorkeled!  Yes, I know – it’s not really a ‘work out’ but I was exhausted when I am done.   The guide gave us 7mm wet suit and it made the cold water in Alaska felt like a bath water.  We were in the water for an hour and a half.   It’s pretty amazing!  I was going to do a run or long cardio afterwards, but my body just can’t do that.   I had afternoon training sessions and I had no energy left in the afternoon.


This is when I slacked off.  I didn’t do anything or even attempted to do anything.  I had all day class and when the ship docked in Victoria, BC – we went to Butchart Garden.  I did leisure walk for almost 2 hours.  Did that count?  I’m stretching it here.


I knew that Sunday would be tough.  Its disembarkation day, so morning was very chaotic.  Then we went to the church, and by the time I got home – I had pile of laundry I have to do, so I skipped the work out, again.


I’m very humble with the fact 70% of my donor come from SQL Community.   You guys rock!  Keep them coming, it’s all for a good cause.  Online donation can be made here.


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