Week 11: Climb for Clean Air – The Worst

Plan for this week:

Monday:  Interval Training

Tuesday: Strength Training with Weston

Wednesday: Long Cardio

Thursday: REST

Friday: Strength Training

Saturday: Long Cardio

Sunday: Camp Muir Hike!

This is by far the worst week of training I had since I started this journey.   Even though I ended up the week with a great training hike to Camp Muir, I felt like I really let things slide.   This week – I did NOT make my training as priority and choose to have other things happen in my life take priority over it.   Did I feel bad, absolutely.  Did I dwell on it?  Absolutely not.   I moved on.  I’m going to focus on the upcoming week and make my training priority again.   I’m inside the 5-weeks window to my climb.  Am I ready?  I am.  Very.

Monday – Saturday:

I did NO work out at all.   No excuses here.  As I mentioned above, I did not make it as priority.  I choose to tend to other things and make that priority while trying to take it easy on my lung.   Did I regret it?  No.   Did I wish things differently?  Absolutely, but doing should’ve, could’ve and would’ve will not change a thing.  The only thing I can do is to promise myself is use the upcoming week to train even harder.


It’s Father’s day weekend, and we are up early and head out to the mountain again.   I’m a wee bit nervous since I didn’t really do anything in the past few days.   My brother-in-law, Aaron, joined us for the hike.   We started around 10am.   It was slightly rainy and cold.   I had my layer on and feel pretty decent.    I started walking and within 10 minutes I was overheated.    I only had my base layer and vest, plus my soft shell and I could barely breath.   We stopped for gear checked, clothing adjustment and keep on walking.    I made it to the bottom of the avalanche chute without any problem.   We took our first break there and climb on the chute.   I know I did a waaaaay better than a week before since I didn’t even feel that I was struggling when I get to the top of the chute.   Please note, avalanche chute is like a 80% angle snow wall.   It’s soooooo steep!

Our next stop is Pebble Creek (7,000ft) and we had lunch there.   I started to feel tight on my chest again but decided to keep on walking.   About 8,500ft – I barely can breathe.   My chest felt really tight and I knew that if I pushed it, I will make more damage on my lung so we turn around.   We got down fairly quick since we slide on most of the hill.   It was rainy and almost white out when we walked down.   I wasn’t as winded.  Overall, it was a good hike.   I got 8 hours of hike, altitude adjustment and great company


Keep on coming people!  I think I’m going to break $9,000 limit this week!


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