Week 8: Climb for Clean Air – Bad Planning


Monday: Interval Training/Cardio
Tuesday: Strength Training with Weston
Wednesday: Cardio with backpack
Thursday: Rest Day!
Friday: Strength Training
Saturday: Short Hike
Sunday: Cardio with backpack

I have ambitious plan for this week consider that I have tons of other commitment due to the week off I’m going to take for vacation. I thought, I can squeeze in some work out and still able to do what I need to do, but I was wrong. I know better than that but yet I did it anyway. Instead of accepting that this week is going to be crazy and plan my work out better, I tried to cram a lot of things in a limited time that I have.

In result, I failed. I missed THREE workouts this week. Worst week by far since I started this journey 8 weeks ago. I was angry to myself for stretching myself really thin and ended up disappoint myself. Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve, right?

I need to be better with organize my time and not over-committed myself to things that it will be difficult to accomplish due to time constraint. Lesson learned.

How it actually went down:

I need to increase my interval training and short the interval while I’m doing it. So I set an hour on the stair-master, put it on interval program, increase the intensity to 15 (for the higher) and 12 (for the lower). I did really good tho and an hour went by without me even realize that. My thigh was a bit sore afterwards, but nothing that a good stretching can’t help

Weston wanted me to focus on my shoulder and back. We did a few total body exercises with 20lbs dumbbell and pull down and chest press. I only did 6 routines, but he increased the set to three, with 15 reps on each set. So it’s pretty intense! My back was a bit sore a few hours later, but nothing that some ibuprofen can’t help.

I put my 45lbs pack on my back and adventured myself at the stairmaster. I didn’t set it to any program, just using manual on setting number 8 (Higher intensity) . I was a bit huffing and puffing towards the end, but I was pleased with myself to realized that how far I have come

Rest Day!

This is the start of bad planning week. I was off that day and instead, I went ahead and spend the day with my girlfriend, Mindy. Then I was busy packing things for upcoming SQL Cruise, especially things for my girls. 7 days on board a cruise ship without self-service laundry facility with two little girls equal a lot of packing to do

I was going to sneak in a work out in the morning, but it wasn’t happening (again). I took our friends to have a nice brunch and run errands to prepare the cruise and we had an event in the evening. By the time we got back, it was late and I still have a lot of packing to do. I didn’t make it as a priority. There, I said it.

I was heading to the port. My stress level is up to the roof since it seems that there’s many, many things that could cause this vacation to not happening. We made it on board around 2pm. This is also why – this recap is a few days late. There is no Internet connection on board the ship

I made my goal and MORE! I lost track of how much I raised this week (I’ll have to tally them later and update this post) but I definitely made my goal!


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