#SQLHike – SQL Fun before Portland SQL Saturday

Karen Lopez (blog | twitter) started this event throwing an idea of having a bunch of SQL peeps to run a half-marathon together (or walk it) at Portland Marathon on Sunday October 9, 2011, which is a day after SQL Saturday Portland.   I’m not a runner, even though somehow I was dared talked into registering to the event and I know it will be a lot of fun and we can just walk it.   It’s an 8 hours event, so just like Karen said – you can walk it, run it, take a nap, do a little shopping and still finish the course  🙂

Snow Lake Trail

Snow Lake - One of the famous trail around

That’s a weekend activity.  There is still the Monday prior to SQL PASS that has no activity prior to the conference itself if you are not attending the pre-conference, so being a local and avid outdoor enthusiast, as well as a hiker – I would like to propose… a SQL Hike!  Well, you can call it whatever you want, but I would love to organize a hike to a local trail that is not too far, not too strenuous and will have an awesome view.   We are very blessed here at Pacific Northwest since there’s gazillion trails around.   We can do a little walking, a little picnic at the top/end, have a good outdoor’sy Pacific Northwest Experience, a little bonding, good work out and a good beverages and food for post-hike ot the chosen-joint afterwards.

I know October it still way away, and I probably need to re-post this later, but want to just get an idea if this is something that you guys are interested.   If so, leave me a comment and I’ll start thinking about the trail and location.

October will be a FUN month!


5 Responses to “#SQLHike – SQL Fun before Portland SQL Saturday”

  1. @SacSQLDude says:

    Not sure what day I am flying up there, but I am interested!

    • Yanni Robel says:

      I’ll keep that in mind! I like to go out early when I go hike, but I was thinking maybe 9ish as a start. You’re flying in from CA, yes? If you can fly on the super early flight (if you can’t fly in the night before) since it’s only a couple hours – we can prolly make it work

  2. Karen Lopez says:

    If I can still walk then, count me in.

    • Yanni Robel says:

      Awesome. I’m looking for a cool trail that have awesome view/lake at the end, about 2 hours walk. Snow Lake (the one on the picture) is one of the candidate. It will be so beautiful on the fall

  3. I’d be all for it!!! Let me know!!


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