‘till the next SQL Cruise…

As some of you already know, I just recently came back from one of the kind technical training called SQL Cruise.  I’m sure my fellow cruisers already have their blog updated with all the juicy details about the event, which is summarize into one word for me – awesome.

For me personally, I love the ‘impromptu’ sessions that both Brent Ozar and Tim Ford provided to all of us during the cruise.  From the sit around on our ‘SQL deck’ and talk about memory pressure to a serious conversation about how to put together presentation of some health check finding during breakfast at some restaurant at Key West.   Those two guys were there for us before, during and after the session.   There’s no packing my laptop bag and move to a different room since I have to catch a different session, or not having time for Q&A session.   On top of that, I was surrounded by other SQL professionals that manage different environment, have different expertise and the discussions about shop were constant and amazingly awesome.   Yes, there were boat drinks and some karaoke and dancing, but overall, this is the best technical training I ever attend.  

I gained not just more knowledge, but friendship and confidence on my ability to do my job because I know that I have a whole community that I can turn to and back me up whenever I need any help.   

Many thanks to our sponsor, SQL Sentry, Quest Software, RedGate and MSSQLTips for their tremendous support on making this event happen.   I won an awesome netbook from RedGate on top of pretty cool swag that I already have.

Last but not least, thank you to Brent and Tim for making this happen.   You guys are awesome and thank you for my fellow cruisers for being such an awesome crowd.   This is an awesome community and I am proud to be one of them.

I am committed to write/blog more, build a better online presence for myself and give back to the community.   Maybe one of these days I’ll be presenting on SQL Saturday, or even SQL Pass.   Or have my picture in the back cover of the technical book.   We shall see.  

I’ll write more in the next few days about the technical aspect of the training.  Things that I learn from it and how that impact my environment that I support.    Until then, I have some sleep to catch on, some laundry to be done and some quality one-on-one with my girls.


4 Responses to “‘till the next SQL Cruise…”

  1. Tim Ford says:

    Yanni, thank you for your kind comments. Without you the cruise would not have been the same (and I mean that in a good way!) Looking forward to seeing you on a few weeks when the family and I are in your lovely city!

    • SQLMama says:

      Tim, you are very welcome! Please do call s when you are in town. I would love to have you and the family over for lunch/dinner or something!

  2. Welcome back!! Glad we could give you a little cloud cover and rain on your return!! Let’s see some pics of the collection of swag!!

    • SQLMama says:

      Thank you! I actually miss the culd and the rain 🙂 I’ll have to gather all the swag and took pics of it! Hope to meet you in person during SQL Pass!


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