I’ve been bad.  I havent’ updated my blog for a while, or continue writing the Virtualization series that I started weeks ago.  Yes, I’m using the old excuse that work just get in a way of my bloggin’.

I will try to be better though.   I think I really need to make the time to do it and not just talking about it.

Today’s post – nothing technical.  Just the fact that SQL Cruise is approaching quickly and I’m so excited about it.   SQL Sentry, which is one of the sponsor just announce the WINNERS (yes, plural) of their SQL Cruise contest.   I think to have a vendor that contribute a lot to community that way is super awesome.   The detail about it is on SQL Cruise web site.

So far, from the list, we have a whole crew of awesome.   I think this will be the most valuable training I ever attend, not only how close and personal this is going to be, but the attendee itself are a good mixed of database professional that seems to be a lot of fun!

61 days to go and counting!


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