Week 12 and 13: Rest and High Mileage

Week 12:  Rest

I’m combining week 12 and 13  recap as I don’t have much to recap on week 12.   It was a week after Portland Half Marathon and I was attending 2011 SQL PASS Summit. I was too busy to squeeze in the time to do my run.  Um.  Yeah.  Who am I kidding.  Let me rephrase that.  I did not make the continuous training as a priority.   There I said it.

I did, however, managed to run 5 miles on Sunday with Jimmy May (t) who is currently training for Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half-Marathon at Bridle Trail.  We had an awesome run together!  It was cold and misty, lot of hills but I felt great!

Week 13: High Mileage


I did my strength training at home.  Not as much as I should be or as intense as I would’ve done it if I were at the gym, but I did what I could in while doing the house chores and get my girls ready to go to bed.    I did hip strengthening exercise, squat, lunges and some core exercise.


It was gorgeous day out and I decided to run during lunch time.   I walked towards the waterfront and ran 4 miles at Seattle Waterfront.   It was perfect fall weather.  Sunny, but crisp cold.   Overall, it was a great run


Cross Training or Walk Day.   I opted for the walk instead and did 30 minutes walk around my office.   It was misty but I really enjoyed the walk and glad I took the time to do so


I did 3 miles loop at Centennial Fields Park.   It was another gorgeous fall day and I love that little park.   It was a loop around the community park that have a path towards outside it.   My girls played at the playground nearby while I ran.   I felt a bit sluggish during this run as I came down with a cold the night before.


Rest day


Big day for me as my schedule called for 15 miles.  Yes, that’s FIFTEEN miles.  I was a bit overwhelmed the night before since I had a hard time wrapping my brain around the number fifteen.  It seems so… well.. a LOT of miles!   I know, I know – it’s only 2 more miles than the half-marathon and I did that one already.   I can do the math too, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was a bit overwhelmed with the number.

Snoqualmie Valley Trail

I was up early but really had a hard time to move.   I really, really didn’t want to go but I had promise Jimmy that I would meet him at the trail head so we can run together.  So I dragged my bum out of the bed, laced up my shoes and head out.   We went to Snoqualmie Valley Trail — my favorite trail which was so pretty with different shades of color on the trees.   It was cold and misty with very little of sunshine.    I did my usual 3-1 Galloway technique (3 minutes running, 1 minutes walking) and it was amazingly awesome.   I felt great the entire run and not even once I had to talk myself to keep running.   Jimmy ran for 11 miles and he stopped, but I continued running.   I hit 13.1 miles and realized that my time was 6 minutes faster than my half-marathon time!  I was sooo excited!  I broke my personal record!!    3 hours and 2 minutes later – I finished my 15 miles with a huge grin in my face.   That was the farthest I ever run and I felt awesome!





New beginning on the fundraising front.  I have a new goal.  I plan to send out my fundraising letter this coming week and other than announcing my crazy adventures in my blog, I haven’t done much.   However, if you are reading my blog all the way to this point, please visit my fundraising page at :  http://tinyurl.com/RobelMarathon.   You can read on why I am running and while you are at it, pull your credit card from your wallet and skip a latte this week and join me in this adventures instead  <smile>.   Any amount is greatly appreciated!



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