My Next Crazy Adventure: Coast to Coast Challenge

I had so much fun with the Portland Half-Marathon and am so proud of my accomplishment that I want to take it to the next level.    I want to keep pushing my limit and see where it will take me.

Life is short and   I want to be able to look back and say, yep, did that, done that, oh did that one too, so did that one.   Is that too much?   Maybe, but I’m going all out.   I had a second chance to look at life differently and I want to encourage others to do the same.

No, I’m not going to sweet talk others to climb the mountain, or run a marathon.  However – I am challenging everybody to go after things that you always want to do.  Whatever that is.   I know we all have that one thing or two that we always want to do, but there’s always something prevent us from doing that.   My challenge to you — make the time to do that one thing while you still have the time, health and ability to do so because, well, you just never know.

Life is too short for you to not go after your dreams.

Allright.  Enough with being all wise and mature.   I want to go back to being crazy.

So without further ado, here’s my next crazy adventure — I’m going to run a full Marathon.   You would think that I would stop there, right?  No, not me.  I have to go a bit more.   To be exact — I’m going to do the Disney Coast To Coast Challenge.

Yes.  I mean exactly what that page said (assuming you clicked the link).   I’m going to run Walt Disney Marathon at Disneyworld on January 8, 2012 follow by TinkerBell Half-Marathon at Disneyland on January 29, 2012

Wait.  I’m not done.

I’m going to join Team in Training again and help them raise money to fight blood cancer.   I had absolutely an awesome time with the team, and the support from the coaches, staff and alumni during Portland Half-Marathon was incredible.    On top of that – I feel like I’m involved in something important because I will be part of an incredible team who works very hard to raise the money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for their patient support and blood cancer research.     I am a living example of what this organization do.   Because of their cancer research support, ten years ago, the medicine that I currently take is available for the public.   This is the medicine that allows me to have a normal life.   As normal as you can be as a survivor.   I’m one of the lucky ones.   There are others that are not as lucky as I am.

The second half of this challenge is the fundraising.   This is where all of YOU can get involved since I will need a lot of help to reach my goal.   Details about the fundraising can be found here.

I know that some of you have been so generously supporting me in my previous fundraising efforts and I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, however, I am going to shamelessly ask again for your help.    Why?   Because not only you are helping ME, you are giving me and the rest of the blood cancer survivors hope.   You are helping give the families of the survivors tremendous support because that’s what the money you are giving is for.    Leukemia & Lymphoma Society offered incredible support to a particular patient AND their family.   I know it because I was at the receiving end of that effort.

So there.  That’s my next crazy adventure.   Hop on and join me.   You won’t regret it.   You will save lifes.   You will save my life.


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  1. Hi Schez,Thanks for your comment, and thanks for following/stalking!Yes, it's all a bit like entering a new world, and a very strange one at that. Hope the penny fully drops soon (sounds like you're well on your way) and enjoy the party! 🙂

  2. A BSA Martini .22? Now that brings back memories. Be careful with the little beasty. From personal experience, I know that you can kill your mom’s washing machine with one well-placed shot!Cheers! Swen

  3. dont go to that club they allow underage girls to work there the owners are sick and they are liars that place is not gonna last long once the cops realize that underage girls are working there they need to get their license taken away immediatley you should see what kind of “interviews” are being held i hope this comment gets posted so those sick perverts can get caught and i hope they read this too good luck eddie and john you’re on not gonna be there for long

  4. I am totally wrestling with collages for walls right now – for some reason I'm having anxiety about getting it "right"!! Your post couldn't be better timed!! Thanks so much for sharing all the inspiration photos and the great layout ideas!! It's a total Godsend at the moment!! Good luck with yours!

  5. Hshshs! Provávelmente que por se sentir como (ia usar termos populares, chulos )… fezes, achou o dito senhor, aquele que classificou a obra, que a origem do mundo era a cloaca, dali proxima e num processo de indignação e negação de si,ou qualquer outro motivo psicológico prefere atribuir a pecha pornografia como justificativa para ocultar sua origem.

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  7. Your dumping ground looks a whole lot better than mine! Happy travels.Happy belated WOYWW and may you and your family have a blessed Christmas.Tertia #15

  8. I'm from the South and even when it was time to take the obligatory spoonful at New Years I would cringe, but cowboy caviar is something I have grown up with and make the black eyes peas taste at least edible! Plus you are right, this is a great salad to bring to a BBQ because it will hold up well!

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  10. Também assisti no cinema. Muito bom! Mas o filme é bem intelectual, para pessoas que gostam ou que sabem o mínimo de literatura e arte francesas, senão não vão achar a menor graça no filme… Nota:

  11. Acho que o me deixa mais indignada é haverem pessoas que não acham bem que mandes no teu blog! Isso é giro…Adorei este post: o blog é meu e faço dele o que bem entender =D

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